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Outreach Staff


Cindy Lawrence serves as Director of Outreach Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.  She works closely with the Indiana Department of Education, local Directors of Special Education, First Steps, and other agencies providing services for deaf and hard of hearing children as well as administrating the department. As a licensed educational audiologist at ISD since 1986, she has served as a Preschool and Elementary school audiologist, Director of Assessment Services and now as the Director of Outreach. She may be reached at clawrence@isd.k12.in.us or at (317) 550-4828 Voice or Video Phone (317) 493-0480.

Mary Rice serves as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of Outreach.  She started her career at the ISD in March 1993.  First as the secretary for the Physical Plant Director for 5 years and then as the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent for the next 11 years until transferring to the Outreach Department in September, 2009.  She is also a parent of a deaf son.  She may be reached at mrice@isd.k12.in.us or (317) 550-4853 Voice or Video Phone (317) 493-0704.

Early Intervention and Family Life Team

Michelle Coleman, Early Intervention Coordinator, brings seven years experience from working as a First Steps Intake Coordinator in Central Indiana. Michelle has a degree in Deaf Education and Elementary Education as well as her First Steps Credentials. Michelle can be reached at mcoleman@isd.k12.in.us or (317)-550-4803 Voice.


Connie McLean, Early Intervention Coordinator, can be reached at Cmclean@isd.k12.in.us

Diane Hazel Jones, Early Intervention Specialist, has a MA in Elementary/Deaf Education since 1973 and Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Comprehensive Skills Certification since 1976.  Diane has worked in Outreach since 1990 as a Family resource Coordinator, Interpreter, Cultural Mediator and Group Facilitator.  She is responsible for providing early intervention services, workshops and consultations for families across the State and is a certified SKI-HI Parent Advisor. She may be reached at dhjones@isd.k12.in.us or (317) 550-4862 Voice.

Madelyn "Meg" Warnock, Early Intervention Specialist, born deaf, received her undergraduate education degrees of Deaf Education (K-12) and Elementary Education (K-6) through Lenoir-Rhyne College and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education through Indiana University.  She has worked as a teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing children for 12 years before joining the Family Life Team.  Currently in her third year with the Family Life Team, she co-facilitates the L.E.A.P. (Language Enrichment And Play) and F.L.I.P. (Families Learning In Play) statewide.  Outside of facilitating the playgroups, she also provides home visits statewide as a Parent Advisor or a Deaf Role Model.  Meg can be reached at mwarnock@isd.k12.in.us or Video Phone (317) 550-1978.

Erin LaMar, Support Staff, works with the SRNDHH Program and can be reached at (317) 550-4860 or Elamar@isd.k12.in.us.


Billy Schwall is a Project Coordinator with a concentration in Deaf Role Model Program. He joined the Outreach Department in August 2012. His advanced graduate degree in Business Administration includes a specialization in Accounting/Management Information Systems. He has an Indiana Interpreter Certification with Provisional Specialization Interpretation. He is also the Varsity Girls basketball coach at the Indiana School for the Deaf. He can be reached via e-mail wschwall@isd.k12.in.us, or by calling (317) 493-0515 V/VP.

Assessment Team

Jane McWhirter, Assessment Center Secretary, can be reached by calling (317) 550-4802 or Jmcwhirter@isd.k12.in.us.

Pam Burchett, Social Services Coordinator, holds a bachelor degree in social work and is a licensed social worker in the State of Indiana.  She also has 24 graduate credits in education courses.  In addition, she is on the Central Indiana Cluster Transition Committee and is available to participate in transition meetings for children turning three years of age to assist in planning for educational programming.  Pam works with the Assessment Team and has been employed at the ISD since 1986. She is the initial contact person for new families and the liaison with local schools seeking resources, consultation, evaluations, or admission into the Indiana School for the Deaf.  She may be reached at pburchett@isd.k12.in.us or (317) 550-4797 Voice or Video Phone(317) 493-0476.


Debra Liebrich, received her AuD doctoral degree in 2009 from Salus University, her Master's degree from Michigan State University and her Bachelor's degree from Purdue University.  She has been an audiologist for more than twenty years.  She began her profession as an audiologist in a clinical setting, leaving for a private practice providing habilitation therapy for deaf and hard of hearing children.  She worked in a mainstreamed educational setting for six years before coming to her present position in 1998.  She provides audiological services for students, preschool through elementary age enrolled at the Indiana School for the Deaf.  She maintains an Indiana Audiologist License through IPLA, national certification through American Speech Hearing Association (CCC-A) and an Educational Audiologist license through the Indiana Department of Education. She may be reached at dliebrich@isd.k12.in.us or (317) 550-4830 Voice or Video Phone (317) 493-0478.

Shannon Stafford, Pediatric/Educational Audiologist, received her M.A. in Audiology from Indiana University in 1995. She worked several years in hospital/clinical settings providing a full range of audiology services. Shannon has been with Outreach Services since 1998 providing comprehensive audiological evaluations and consultative services for children ages birth to 21 years.  Shannon may be reached at sstafford@isd.k12.in.us and at (317) 550-4858 Voice.


Angela Hull, Pediatric/Educational Audiologist, received her Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D.) degree at Ball State University in 2012.  She previously provided general, pediatric, and educational audiology services at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders in Dallas, Texas.  Angela began working at Outreach Services as of October 2012, by providing diagnostic services for the birth to three age group, as well as for school-aged children.  She is a certified Direct Service Provider for First Steps of Indiana and received her certification (CCC-A) from the American Speech Language Hearing Association.  Angela can be reached at AHull@isd.k12.in.us or by 317-550-4859 Voice Phone.

Kim Hoffmann, Educational Consultant, graduated from Ball State with a degree in Deaf Education/Special Education.  One day a week she serves as the itinerate teacher for Greencastle schools as well as consulting /observing  deaf and hard of hearing students in surrounding area schools. She has grown up surrounded by Deaf culture as she is a CODA. She may be reached at khoffmann@ISD.k12.in.us or (317) 550-4822.

Terri Waddell-Motter is a School Psychologist in the Outreach Department.  She has a M.A. degree in Developmental Psychology and Specialist degree (Psy.S) in School Psychology from the Gallaudet University Program in 1994, with specialization in working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children.  She began working at ISD in 1994.  Terri is a member of the Response to Intervention System in Middle School and High School.  She works individually with students in providing diagnostic psycho-educational evaluations and interventions.  She also consults with teachers, administrators, and other colleagues about legal changes in order for students to achieve to their highest potential.  Terri primarily completes psychological assessments for Middle School and High School ISD students.  She may be reached at twaddellmotter@isd.k12.in.us or Video Phone (317) 493-0471.

Lorinda Bartlett is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She joined the Outreach Department in 2009 after previously working in the Outreach Department at the Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) for several years.  Her advanced graduate degree in school psychology includes a specialization in working with students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She primarily focuses on psychological assessments of students in the mainstream setting in addition to traveling to provide consultation to staff working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students throughout the State of Indiana. Her role also includes serving the preschool (3 to 5 year olds) population on the ISD campus. She can be reached via e-mail lbartlett@isd.k12.in.us, (317) 550-4834 Voice or Video Phone (317) 493-0473.


Speech & Language Team

Julie Buck is one of three speech-language pathologists and earned her Master's degree in speech-language pathology in 1986.  She has worked in a variety of situations involving children and adults.  Having worked at ISD since 1993, Julie provides speech services for students & on a consultation basis.  Julie is married and is the mother of three girls and a boy. She may be reached at jbuck@isd.k12.in.us and at (317) 550-4825 Voice.

Holly Geeslin, is an audiologist and one of three speech-language pathologists who works with deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Indiana’s birth to three First Steps system and as a contract SLP at the Indiana School for the Deaf. She is married to a Deaf man and has 2 daughters. She may be reached at hgeeslin@isd.k12.in.us and at (317) 202-1237 Voice.


Jacqueline D. Hall-Katter is one of three speech-language pathologists who contract with the Indiana School for the Deaf. She has been working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for nine years. Jackie is the owner of her own business, Katter Speech Services. She is the mother of four children; two of whom are hard of hearing. She specializes in children with cochlear implants, and specific language disorders. She may be reached at jkatter@isd.k12.in.us and at (317) 550-4825 Voice.



Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Team

Paula Berry, is one of 2 Occupational Therapist’s who contract with Indiana School for the Deaf.  Paula can be reached at pberry@isd.k12.in.us or at (317) 202-1242.

Jeanine Goldner is a Physical Therapist who contracts with the Indiana School for the Deaf. She can be reached at JGoldner@isd.k12.in.us or at (317) 202-1242.

Lori Kiel is one of 2 Occupational Therapist’s who contract with Indiana School for the Deaf.  She has been working at ISD since 1993.  Lori has worked with students from preschool through high school ages.  Lori also is part of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing evaluation team for the Indiana First Steps program.  Lori can be reached at lkiel@isd.k12.in.us or at (317) 202-1242.